A downloadable game for Windows

"To Hell With Guns" is a short dungeon crawler.

You can create your party, a default one is available if you don't want to.

Apprehend the dungeon, its traps, secrets and inhabitants and defeat the dark overlord.

Unzip the files. Launch the exe. Enjoy.

The game was only tested on Windows and requires JAVA. Two packages are available, the second one directly including JAVA in case you don't have it installed.


THWG_1_0_1.zip 3 MB

Development log


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This is very cool. Love the aesthetic. Need to pick a fight a can win. :) Hope there is more to come!

Thanks for the comment.

The game is very compact and your ragged hobos quickly become heavily armored gods making most fights change from hard to trivial. Only the final fight requires some particularly good (and appropriate) equipment.

Very interesting. I didn't really get too far but I do like the concept. Them devil things be creepin' me out. lol