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Close future. Rumors say megacorps are getting mad over a possible treasure. Bandits, mercenaries and opportunistic merchants are showing up, and of course you're too. Whatever it is, you're determined to find it and sell it to whoever will propose the best price. That's where the adventure begins.

Note of the outskirts is a classic party-based role playing game in the vein of titles such as the original Wasteland.

Features :

- One big handcrafted open dungeon : with a secret in (almost) every corner and multiple paths to the end

- Sandbox approach and interactive environment : solve riddles or use dynamite, swim or freeze water, melt ice, cut trees

- Party creation: bring up to 7 characters to life with 6 main attributes and dozens of skills and feats

- Classic round-based combat : weapons have different modes, and some can also be used out of combat

- Resource management : buy grenades, bandages and shield creation nanobots before travelling forth

- More than 10 hours of gameplay

- No story : you'll have to make it yourself

- An automap : but don't use it

- Mod support.

Credits to :

- Music by Louise Byrne : https://louisebyrnemusic.com/

- Current graphics by craiyon : https://www.craiyon.com/

- Former wall textures by Jestan : https://jestan.itch.io/

- Former ortraits by Ashen Victor : https://ashen-victor.itch.io

- Former robots and other monsters by Ækashics : http://www.akashics.moe/


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GenreRole Playing
TagsCharacter Customization, Dungeon Crawler, maze, Retro, Turn-based


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